Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kid Quotes

Miss Angie's kindergarten class has fun coming up with words that start with the letter they are learning.  Today it was the letter P.  When it was one little girl's turn she was stumped so Angie was trying to help her.
"What are you?" she asked and one of the other boys said "She's a person!"  Well, that was a good P word but Angie was trying to get her to say princess so she asked "What do you think you are?" and she shouted "Princess".  "Great" said Miss Angie, "Now what does a princess need?" thinking they would come up with prince.  They all thought for a minute and then one of the boys exclaimed "Panties!"  It took several minutes for the class to quit laughing, including Miss Angie who decided that if the princess didn't already have panties, she sure should get some.

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