Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Does your hubby drive you nuts?

Ok, so is it just my husband or are all men like this. 

I came home from grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago with a 2 liter Mt. Dew for my tweeter (translation: husband).  I always get him one and he is usually grateful.  This time he said "What did you buy that for.  I quit drinking soda".  Now, this was news to me and I told him so and offered to take it back or give it to someone else.  I'm all for supporting him when he decides to make a healthy switch.  He just grumbled a little and no more was said about it.
Fast forward to the following week.  I came home from grocery shopping and he said "Why didn't you buy me a soda?"  Now I'm confused and said "I thought you quit drinking it" and he answered "Well, I just cut back on it".  So I buy it and he doesn't like it and I don't buy it and he doesn't like it.  Do they all do things like this? 

What does your man do that drives you nuts?  Let's see who has the nuttiest hubby.