Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kid Quotes

From Brittney's Early Learner class of 2 and 3 year olds:

"I've got the niccups"
"I'm going to bring 2 Darbies for show and tell"

And from my 7 year old nephew as he was going through the books his mom bought from the book fair, "I SO need to thank my mom!"

Book Fair

It's only the second day of our book fair and we've already reached our goal of $1500.  That means tomorrow is a bonus day.  Next year I'll have to raise the goal.  We get 50% of our sales in free books for our library.  Very nice!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kid Quote

Jackson was trying to get out of nap time so he was gabbing with Tina in the kitchen.  He was telling her all about his skin.
"My skin has blood in it"
"My skin has bones in it"
"My skin is named ME!"
"And that keeps me alive."

The other night his brother Tyson, who is 7 yrs old was holding his head in his hands.  His mom, my sister Leisa, asked him what was wrong.  He said "I'm just trying to fight off the ghosts."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Standards Night

Just got home from our Stake Standards Night.  Bro. Butterfield was the speaker and then we had a Q&A panel on anything the youth wanted to ask that was media related.  Excellent speaker and wonderful youth=an uplifting experience.  I really learned a lot.  I also set up the book fair at the day care center tonight-one of my favorite things about my job.  I love, love, love books and I get to play with them for 3 days.  Heaven!

On a sad note, tonight I learned that my favorite author died a couple of weeks ago.  I own every book that Dick Francis wrote and I'm sad that I won't have any more to look forward to.  I hope his son, Felix will carry on.  He co-authored the last few books with his dad and I enjoyed them a lot.