Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Leisa!

Tomorrow is my sister, Leisa's, birthday. A BIG one.  50!  I was planning a surprise party for her and decided to let her 7 year old son, Tyson help me.  He loves planning parties and I knew he would get excited.  After we had everything planned Leisa called me up giggling.  She said Tyson was telling her everything we had talked about and he ended by telling her "Oh, and it's a surprise party, mom".  She said "Well, Tyson, if it's a surprise I don't think I'm supposed to know about it".  He thought for a minute and then shrugged his shoulders and said very matter-of-factly "Well, then I guess it won't be a surprise".  We've laughed about it for 2 weeks.  I'm glad she's such a good sport and is going along with it.  When I invite anyone I tell them it's a surprise party that she knows about.  Her 19 year old son, Derek came to the day care tonight with my son, Connor and Tyson and we blew up 400 helium balloons to fill  her office and decorate the fences in front of the center.  It looks great!  I can't wait for her to see it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kid Quotes

In our after school program one of the girls was playing Connect 4 and she exclaimed in a deep, husky voice "Mama's playin' for the gold, baby-playin' for the gold"!  You just know she watched the Olympics-a lot!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kid Quotes

Last Friday, one of the sweet 3 year old girls woke up from her nap, stood up and stated "I need a hero".  I don't think she was fully awake and out of her dream.  You know, we all need a hero.  And I hope she doesn't settle for less when she grows up.  A lot of people say that there are no good men left but there are.  You just have to look hard and sometimes long.  I love the quote "Never settle for less than happily ever after".  You can have it.  I know I do.