Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthday Party

Today we celebrated my niece, Lexie's birthday.  I can't believe she's 10 years old.  She is growing into quite the young lady.  She performed the cutest dance to a song by Selena Gomez (I don't remember what it was) but she wasn't brave enough to do it in front of her cousin Aaron who is 15.  She made him leave the room.  We got talking about when my youngest, Connor, was baptized.  The whole family came to see him as well as the Primary President and of course the Bishopric.  He was in the dressing room getting into his white clothes when everyone arrived and when he came into the room and saw everyone he asked "What are they doing here?"  I told him they were here to see him get baptized.  He said "Oh, no, I'm not getting baptized with them here.  Make them leave!" and he was serious.  He wouldn't calm down until we cleared the room.  The only one he would let stay was his brother Taylor.  He even made me leave.  I didn't care, as long as he wasn't freaking out it was OK with me.  We all stood in the hall and laughed about it.  His dad baptized him and his Grandpa Potter was a witness.  It was quite a memorable day!

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