Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm getting ready to go back to work after the Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanksgiving is my all time, number one favorite holiday ever.  I love the food, the movies (we saw Harry Potter), the shopping (no, I didn't get up early) and the bonus days.  Friday always feels like Saturday so when I wake up and have another day to eat, shop, and go to movies (we saw Hereafter)  it's a bonus holiday.  Oh, by the way, Harry Potter was great and Hereafter was a dud.  I also finished up Caroline's Christmas dress.  I needed to get it in the mail by Friday so she could have it for her Christmas program on the 3rd.  I was writing up my gift list today and I don't have that many gifts to buy.  We are going to try to cut down just a little this year.  I seem to get a little nuts with the gifts.  Now, on to Christmas!

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