Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kid Quotes

My little nephew Jackson is the best source of my kid quotes.  Today he was in the gym with his class and the teacher had the giant parachute out playing with them.  When it was time to put it away Jackson started crying because he didn't want the fun to end.  He kept saying " But I'll behave!"  His teacher tried telling him they weren't putting it away because they were in trouble but he kept insisting "I want to be good.  I want to keep playing.  I want to behave."  It's funny how their little minds work.

We also had one of our older school age girls telling us her life goals.  This is her top three:
1-Be a famous rock star
2-Go to school to learn how to do hair and nails
3-Work at the day care with her friends.

I don't know about the first two but I would hire her for sure when she gets old enough.

Then there were the two kids who had everyone convinced they were in a rock band and had a gig tonight.  One of the mom's overheard us laughing about it so we told her what they said.  As they were leaving her daughter asked if she could go to the concert tonight.  We had to convince both of them that there really wasn't a concert going on.

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