Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Does your hubby drive you nuts?

Ok, so is it just my husband or are all men like this. 

I came home from grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago with a 2 liter Mt. Dew for my tweeter (translation: husband).  I always get him one and he is usually grateful.  This time he said "What did you buy that for.  I quit drinking soda".  Now, this was news to me and I told him so and offered to take it back or give it to someone else.  I'm all for supporting him when he decides to make a healthy switch.  He just grumbled a little and no more was said about it.
Fast forward to the following week.  I came home from grocery shopping and he said "Why didn't you buy me a soda?"  Now I'm confused and said "I thought you quit drinking it" and he answered "Well, I just cut back on it".  So I buy it and he doesn't like it and I don't buy it and he doesn't like it.  Do they all do things like this? 

What does your man do that drives you nuts?  Let's see who has the nuttiest hubby.


  1. haha this story is too funny!

    drives me nuts, huh?

    Okay well I have the bladder of a small child, Ryan know this and thinks its oh so funny when I start to get antsy in the car. So he slows way down and takes his sweet time getting home and when we do make it he takes FOREVER to get out of the car, walk to our apartment and unlock the door. he drags it out till I about to the point of peeing my pants. Its cruel.

  2. That is just mean! But kind of funny too. You need to play a trick on him. Like having a bottle of water hidden in your pocket and pretending to pee your pants in the car.

  3. Oh my gosh there aren't billions of men truly - just one who was cloned. We all are married to the SAME MAN! With my small bladder a favorite trick is for him to race to the house while I try to catch up and then he gets in and locks the door. I end up laughing so hard I about wet myself anyway!

  4. What is it with men and wanting their women to wet themselves?