Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've always had this romantic picture of rural life.  Never having lived on a farm, I think that my days would be filled with gardening, cooking, quilting, etc.  I know that having animals and crops is hard work but in my day dreams I never have to do any work.  I only get to do what I want which is gardening, cooking, and quilting.  I've told my husband for years that I want a small acreage with a red barn on it.  He asks me what I want to do with a barn and I reply that I don't know, I just want a red barn. 
So, all my neighbors have started raising chickens and with my romantic notion of farming I talked my husband into letting me have some.  And I wanted my chicken coop to be.....you guessed it, a red barn.  He spent 2 weeks and I don't know how much money (he won't tell me) and I have the coolest red barn chicken coop.  And tonight we ate our first eggs.  We had fried red potatoes, blueberry cream cheese pancakes and eggs.  It was yummy.  The only difference I noticed was how yellow the yolks are.  We are getting 2 eggs a day so I think breakfast for dinner will become a weekly event.

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