Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kid Quotes

I keep forgetting to post the adorable things my daughter tells me about my grandson Christian.  Last week he was cranky and irritable and she had finally had enough and sent him to bed.  He started crying and throwing his "Chichen Fits" but she is a strong mom and was sticking to her guns.  She took him to his bedroom to get him undressed and his crying escalated.  He promised he'd be good, he promised he'd behave, he promised he'd never do that again but she was firm and consistent and said he had to go to bed.  Then he clutched her sobbing, buried his head in her neck and pleaded "FORGIVE ME!"  How could she resist?  I don't know how she made it that far without caving in.  I know I would have given in long before that.  She forgave him and he was a perfect angel the rest of the night. 

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