Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning To Be Still

One of the things I learned at the Women's Conference I attended last week was that my life is filled with noise.  As soon as I wake up in the morning I turn on the radio and when I get home at night I turn on the TV.  In between, I work at a day care center so, well I don't have to tell you that my day is filled with noise, too.  One of the speakers challenged us to turn off the noise in our lives so we can hear the Spirit when it whispers to us.  I'm going to do it slowly until I can get used to it and it feels natural to surrounded by quiet.  I'm on the computer and I don't have the TV on in the background.  It's not as bad as I thought it would be.  This morning I got ready for church without the radio on.  It was kind of nice.  I learned so many other things that I want to incorporate into my life and I'll share all of them with you in the next few days.  I think if I commit them in writing I'll be more likely to follow through with them.

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