Monday, May 24, 2010

Kid Quotes

OK here we go with Jackson again.  He has been upset all afternoon.  He keeps coming up to his teacher and telling her "They're calling me Cheeto!"  She talked to the little girl who was calling him "names" and she was calling him "Kiddo".  A few minutes later he was upset because he thought she called him "Burrito" so the teacher told the little girl "Let's just call him Jackson.  He doesn't like being called kiddo."  She said "But it's not a bad word" and the teacher agreed but told her Jackson doesn't like being called anything but "Jackson".  There is even a little boy who can't say his name right.  He calls him "Jaskon" and Jackson tells him over and over "My name is Jackson, not Jaskon!"  One of the other girls in the class said "It's OK if you call me kiddo".  Hopefully that will solve the problem.

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